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Our mission is to advance mental health across all communities in Greater Indianapolis through education, advocacy and intervention.


Thank you all for making the 2014 FootGolf Tournament a success! Check out the pictures below:



What is FootGolf?

FootGolf, as the name implies, is an innovative new sport which combines aspects of both soccer and golf.  Played exclusively on a golf course, FootGolf uses a soccer ball instead of a golf ball and replaces clubs with your feet.  The rules of the game are similar to golf as players will “kick-off” from the tee box and try to get the ball in the hole in as few kicks as possible, being sure to avoid trees and water hazards along the way.  Whether or not you are a soccer star or golf guru, FootGolf promises a fun and memorable experience with friends.

Watch this short video for more information:


Event Details

Our goal of this event was to host an exciting and educational night for young professionals of central Indiana... and we did just that! The FootGolf portion of the evening was full of excitement, fresh air, friends, and lots of a laughter and smiles. This was just what we were hoping for! Everyone seemed to enjoy their time on the course, learning how to kick the ball in the right direction and not fall down in the process. We saw some goofy socks, some awesome team names, and most of all - a lot of happy people! Following FootGolf, we all sat down together for a great dinner and heard from Ginger Lippert and Gina Hays from MHA Indy, Ted Bishop - President of the PGA, and Dr. Rob Bell - sports psychologist. It was an educational and entertaining evening. Finally, the three top teams were awarded their prizes. We're really excited that this event was such a success and we can't wait to host another event next year!