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STRONGminds is a program that brings education and awareness about mental health to youth. By educating young people about mental illness and social stigma we can change the way the way mental health is perceived in the future, as well as provide resources for those who might be struggling right now. We want kids to know that it's okay to talk about how they feel, and provide resources for reaching out when they need help. That's why we created STRONGminds, to teach kids to be happy, be healthy, and be strong.

STRONGminds is appropriate for kids of all ages and can be tailored to meet the needs of your group. We invite you to introduce STRONGminds to your kids. Through schools, churches, athletes, clubs, etc., we can provide a chance for your kids to learn about mental health. During the workshop we will:

  • Provide education on how the brain works
  • Talk about media and mental illness stigma
  • Provide kids with a chance to ask about careers in mental health
  • Discuss how to get help when you or someone you love is struggling
  • Guide youth in developing posters that can help someone take the step to reach out when they need help
  • Provide parents with the opportunity to talk to a trained counselor and ask questions

Help us spread the word that it's okay to reach out to those in need or to reach out when we're struggling. Help us teach the next generation not to judge or stigmatize those with mental illness. Help us teach kids to live happier and healthier lives, and how to have a strong mind. Contact us today to set up your STRONGminds workshop.

To set up a strong minds workshop for your group, please email us